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Seeking to eliminate that third-party involvement, BitTorrent created last year an app that will replicate the original Internet and let "users communicate with each other without going through the 'messenger boy', that is, the server in the digital cloud".

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Using BitTorrent is legal, downloading copyrighted material isn’t. Be careful of what you download. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a peer-to-peer network? Earlier we saw What is Peer-to-Peer?, "A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is created when two or more PCs are connected and share resources without going through a separate server computer" Now let us now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of P2P network architecture.

Advantages of Peer-to-peer networking over Client. The current killer app on a lot of Internet-connected PCs is peer-to-peer file sharing. These programs make each user's PC a 'server' from which they c.

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