Essays on critiquing an article

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Culture industry

About jamie Jamie is an award winning artist who has recently taken a hop, a skip, and a few jumps, and has landed happily in California. She specializes in textile/fabric pieces (art that you wear), but also creates paintings, sculptures, and quilted works of art.

SARAN IS SIX. His family is new to our small, rural town. He is embarrassed when I ask him about the Hindi he speaks at home.

At the parent–teacher interview, Saran’s mother nods while I speak, nods again as the older sister translates.

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The term culture industry (German: Kulturindustrie) was coined by the critical theorists Theodor Adorno (–) and Max Horkheimer (–), and was presented as critical vocabulary in the chapter "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception", of the book Dialectic of Enlightenment (), wherein they proposed that popular culture is akin to a factory producing.

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Essays on critiquing an article
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