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Biography: The Life and Contributions of John Muir

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John Muir vs. Gifford Pinchot Paper

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John Muir vs. Gifford Pinchot

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See also the John Muir Highway Fan Club on Facebook. Studies in the Sierra by John Muir Early in JulyMuir joined the Forestry Commission in Chicago, and with Sargent, Brewer, Hague, and Abbot proceeded to South Dakota to inspect the Black Hills forests of yellow pine.

Muir, looking upon the hills denuded by mining operations. Muir wrote this to keep the members of the Sierra Club informed on the progress of the Yosemite National Park. The article starts with Muir recounting his previous visit to Yosemite as a disaster because the landscape was “broken and wasted.

John Muir (), the great naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club, has long been a favorite of mine. Through his book Travels in Alaska, I learned about the formation of Glacier Bay and Muir’s exploration of that twinned body of water I called home for two Inlet and Muir Glacier are both named for him.

John Muir and the Sierra Nevada – Creating an Icon of Conservation By Carl Zichella, Regional Director, Sierra Club In this essay, Carl Zichella reflects on how the commanding words of John Muir and the monumental imagery of the Sierra Nevada changed his perspective and his life.

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John Muir and other supporters formed the Sierra Club “to make the mountains glad.

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” He was the first president in the club, an office he held until he died in In order to make the mountains happy the John Muir Trust shows that the damage on the wilderness over the years can be repaired.

John muir forestry sierra club essay
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John Muir: “A Wind-storm in the Forests”